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Most popular beaches in Rincon

Scenic shores accommodate surfers, sunset-watchers, and more

Home to the world-famous 1968 International Surfing Championship and a mecca for modern-day surfers of all skill levels, Rincon is a town whose culture and activities center primarily on its many scenic beaches. Even if you're not much of a wave-rider, you can still enjoy the picturesque beauty of the Rincon shoreline while sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming, sunset-watching, or meandering along the network of coastal trails.

Rincon surfing

With dozens of beaches from which to choose, you're sure to find your own little corner of paradise at the junction of the Atlantic and the Caribbean. Below are some of the most popular shores frequented by tourists and locals:

  • Tres Palmas: Also known as "Steps Beach," this stretch is a favorite of seasoned surfers. During the off-season, its calm waters-the site of the Tres Palma Marine Reserve-are ideal for snorkeling.
  • Dogman's Beach: A haven for advanced surfers, Dogman's Beach attracts a large number of locals who enjoy the powerful and sizable waves. The aptly named "Toilet Bowl" is notorious for pulling surfers underwater into its swirling current.
  • Indicators Beach: Although its rocky coast makes swimming difficult, Indicators attracts a steady stream of intermediate to advanced surfers. Its proximity to the historic Rincon Lighthouse Park increases its appeal. In the off season, Indicators Beach provides a quiet, intimate setting with minimal traffic.
  • Rincon Point: Part of the Carpinteria State Beach, Rincon Point is internationally acclaimed as one of the best surfing spots in Puerto Rico. Situated on a pine-covered bluff in Santa Barbara County, the adjacent Rincon Beach Park provides a scenic site for picnicking, whale-watching, and beach-strolling. With three distinct surfing locations (The Cove, Rivermouth, and Indicator), Rincon offers consistent waves throughout the prime season.
  • Maria's Beach: A hub of surfing activity during the main tourist season, Maria's Beach consistently offers up thrilling sets of waves. During the off-season, the beach calms down considerably, providing a serene site for sunbathing and relaxing.
  • Spanish Wall Beach: Beachcombers seeking a secluded, remote coast will find it here. Spanish Wall Beach can only be reached on foot via coastal trails from Domes Beach. The site offers some of the best surfing in Rincon, attracting wave-riders of all levels.
  • Playa Domes: A great site for wave-riding or whale-watching, Playa Domes hosts numerous surfing competitions. Located near the scenic Rincon Lighthouse, the stretch is named for the dome of the nuclear power plant that was once in operation there. With waves topping out at 10 feet high, Playa Domes Beach is a popular choice for those new to the sport of surfing.
  • Sandy Beach: The main beach of Puntas, Sandy Beach is nestled along the northern coastline of Rincon. An eclectic variety of bars, restaurants, and lodging facilities are located along its coast. With a steady stream of surfers, volleyball players, and swimmers, it's a hotspot during the main tourist season.
  • Almirante Beach: Located near the southern edge of Rincon, this beach runs along the cliffs in close proximity to the popular Horned Dorset Primavera Resort and the Rincon Beach Resort.
  • Córcega Beach: This scenic coastline features calm waters year-round, making it a great, family-friendly spot for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Los Almendros Beach: Aptly named, this picturesque beach is shaded almost entirely by almond trees.
  • Punta Higüero Beach: Located northeast of the Rincon Lighthouse, this shoreline provides a great local beach area for tourists and locals alike.

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Rincon Surf House
The Rincon Surf House is a surfers vacation home. Located only a 1 minute walk to Rincons' beautiful marina beach. A one minute drive to world class surf at Marias, Dogmans, Indicators and Domes. Walking distance to coffee shops, juice and smoothie bar, restaurants, grocery store and to the center of town. The marina is a short walk with stand up paddle board rentals, snorkeling and scuba trips at Taino divers and great restaurants.

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