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Top lodging choices in Rincon for surfers

Where to stay after you play

During the prime surfing season, from December until September, thousands of surfers flock to the pristine beaches of Rincon, Puerto Rico to enjoy some of the best breaks in the Caribbean. At the end of a long day on the shore, even the most dedicated surfers need a place to rest up and refuel.

Best Regions to Stay in Rincon

Rincon offers dozens of scenic areas that cater to all types of travelers. Whether you prefer to be in the heart of the action or in a more remote corner of town, you're sure to find just the right accommodations for your surfing getaway. Below are some of the most popular regions where tourists can find lodging:

  • Fun Coast: Known to locals as the "Puntas" region, this traditional stretch of beach offers a wide range of cottages, apartments, private houses, and hotels with a strong sense of community. An abundance of dining and shopping establishments are also available along the Fun Coast. Ample surfing opportunities, as well as other types of water recreation, can be enjoyed by wave-riders of all skill levels. Surfing is best along the Fun Coast during the winter months.
  • Sunset Coast: Renowned worldwide for its consistently majestic waves, Rincon's Sunset Coast is a popular place to stay for visiting surfers. Located at the junction of the Atlantic and the Caribbean, this scenic corner coast is located near the historic Lighthouse Park, and offers plenty of lodging opportunities of various types. In the off-season, Sunset Coast offers calm, placid waters that are ideal for snorkeling.
  • Downtown Rincon: Although you won't find quite as many places to stay downtown as on the coasts, you may want to try to secure lodging as close as possible for easy accessibility to the high-quality restaurants, Plaza Central, and a well-maintained public beach.
  • Caribbean Coast: A premier destination for visiting surfers seeking more luxurious accommodations, the Caribbean Coast boasts several deluxe resorts, beachfront villas, and well-appointed inns. Several picturesque beaches, including Corsega, Barrero, and Añasco, provide ample opportunities for surfing, swimming, and other aquatic activities.

Types of Accommodations in Rincon

With dozens of lodging options throughout town, Rincon caters to all tastes and preferences. Most accommodations can be classified in one of the following categories:

  • Guest Houses: To experience the true flavor of local Rincon life, many surfers prefer to stay in a guest house or inn. These facilities are usually operated by a resident host who owns the building and rents out portions of the house to tourists. Prices vary widely, from economical single rooms to deluxe, well-appointed suites. Some guest rooms include small kitchen areas with essential appliances, and others may provide limited catering services. Most have private entrances for guests. One of the main benefits of staying in a guest house is that the owner can provide you with access to insider information about nearby restaurants, stores, and activities. Check with individual houses and inns to determine the specific amenities they offer.
  • Full-Service Hotels & Resorts: For surfers who are seeking a higher level of service, a traditional type of lodging may be more to their liking. Ranging from cozy rooms to deluxe resorts, these accommodations usually offer on-site restaurants, lounges, laundry facilities, and fitness rooms. Again, specific amenities will vary per facility.
  • Villas, Apartments & Condos: Many surfers who visit Rincon prefer to stay in a more private venue with all the comforts they would normally enjoy at home. Many realty companies rent out apartments, condominiums, and quaint villas. Although fully furnished and hooked up to all utilities, these types of accommodations require that the occupant brings their own groceries and prepares their own meals. Some units provide minimal amenities, while more luxurious facilities may offer soap, linens, pools, hot tubs, and more. Check with the owner to determine what you'll need to bring.

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Rincon Surf House
The Rincon Surf House is a surfers vacation home. Located only a 1 minute walk to Rincons' beautiful marina beach. A one minute drive to world class surf at Marias, Dogmans, Indicators and Domes. Walking distance to coffee shops, juice and smoothie bar, restaurants, grocery store and to the center of town. The marina is a short walk with stand up paddle board rentals, snorkeling and scuba trips at Taino divers and great restaurants.

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